e² Young Engineers

e² Young Engineers programs follow a unique and specially designed curriculum that use Kid K’nexer® and Lego® building blocks as tools to demonstrate STEM principles by allowing the students to personally build, understand, and observe their learning in action. Learning is made more enjoyable in each e² Young Engineers’ class! Classes are offered to children from ages 4 to 17.

Programs give children the chance to explore aspects of science and engineering outside their normal curriculum-based classroom activities, as e² Young Engineers believes that children learn best through activities that engage their curiosity and creativity. Each session provides theoretical knowledge and practical implementation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through the use of Kid K’nexer® and Lego® bricks. This unique method incorporates stories, experiments and demonstrations that are specially designed to deliver a multi-sensory experience. In this way, the learning experience is enhanced and made more memorable.

Education + Entertainment = Edutainment

Young Engineers engages the students’ education processes while developing their ability to learn. Every child has a different technique for learning and retaining information, so making learning fun is the lowest common detonator for successful education. Young Engineers has meticulously generated a hands-on curricula, which combines education and entertainment creating a unique “edutainment” method. Two teaching techniques have been implemented to create this edutainment method: The Spiral Learning method and Problem Based Learning.

Bricks Challenge

Young Engineers Conveyer - 1st to 5th Grade
Average lesson duration: 75 minutes

Using stories and simple demonstrations to spark imagination and critical thinking, Bricks Challenge is Young Engineers’ most popular enrichment program. With the use of LEGO® building blocks in conjunction with other tools and mechanical parts, specially trained educators inspire youth participants while teaching theoretical and applied principles of science, technology, mechanical engineering and math (STEM). In addition, students develop their abilities for independent learning and improve their building skills.

Young Engineers’ Bricks Challenge enrichment program introduces elementary school age students to basic laws of physics and the necessary mathematic equations that coincide with those scientific calculations.

Young Engineers has specially designed a brief classroom style demonstration that is immediately followed by hands-on application through building Young Engineers LEGO® parts models. Student participants of Bricks Challenge will receive LEGO® bricks kits exclusively made by Young Engineers for their programs. Each lesson is meant to inspire students to create, build and learn through a fun and entertaining LEGO® Challenge experience.

Galileo Technic

Young Engineers LEGO Kit - 4th to 8th grade
 Average lesson duration: 75 minutes

Students participating in e² Young Engineers’ Galileo Technic advanced enrichment program will get hands on experience that will prepare them for their future and working in the 21st century. Participants will be taught to use expert level engineering thinking, using math and physics to solve problems and build efficient machines. Using that professional engineering perspective, students will learn to focus on identifying appropriate solutions for a given problem. In addition, they will work in groups, promoting team building to construct complex mechanisms.

Galileo Technic provides an advanced level of thematic study, implementing mechanical engineering principles through building LEGO® bricks models. By analyzing physical, mathematical and technical aspects of a machine’s operation, students will implement the most efficient method for building their machine. Students study a certain topic; explore it from different angles and contexts while integrating the core processes frequently applied by engineers. Participants will graduate the Galileo Technic program with amazing newly learned skills in Science, Technology, Mechanical Engineering, and Math (STEM) subjects.

Robo Bricks

4th to 6th grade or graduates of one of the Young Engineers Mechanical Engineering Programs 
Average lesson duration: 60/90 minutes

Using LEGO® parts and LEGO® WeDo graphic programming to build robots, Robo Bricks enrichment program participants learn software engineering, technology, entrepreneurship and math (STEM). During each lesson, students will assemble a robot that will preform a predetermined task. Constructing these robots will develop each student’s ability to create computer algorithms and capability to implement those computed codes.

Most real world computer programming and software engineering takes place in English. In the Young Engineers program, students are taught using professional English terms helping them to develop their technical language for the field.

Each student in the Robo Bricks enrichment program will design a software and mechanical engineering project. Students will be critiqued by potential “investors” after they present their project proposals. This enrichment program introduces its participants to many important professional skills they will later be able to employ in their careers.


6th to 9th grade
Average lesson duration: 90 minutes

The Robotic and Software Engineering (R&SE), course focuses on exploring the world of robotics from a professional engineering perspective. Special emphasis on programming solutions promotes the creation of sophisticated and accurate robots. This encourages the comprehensive learning of science, technology, mechanical and software engineering, and math (STEM).

In order to provide a real life simulation of the complex engineering challenges that exist in the industry, R&SE enrichment program uses extensive teamwork and collaborative efforts. The program is modeled after university engineering curricula in order to prepare students for the industrial world. Participants will tackle engineering challenges similar to that of university courses and solve them by using the EV3 graphics programming.

For more information on programs, schedules and locations, visit: http://gtanorth.e2youngengineers.com/.

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