Best Back to School Hacks

Tips And Tricks for an Easy Transition Into Fall shared by our Facebook Fans!

Ready or not, it's here! Back to School! Before you sob at the thought of homework, tests, lunch boxes and waking up early, here are some time-saving tricks and great ways to ease you back into the new school year.

Best Back to School Hacks shared by our Facebook Fans...

• Lay out clothes for the week. Let kids choose what to wear ahead of time to avoid last-minute indecision. Yanhua T.

• Post the daily routine. Help little ones establish a morning and bedtime schedule with an illustrated checklist that gets displayed proudly on the wall. Yong C.

• The best back to school hack would be to ensure the kids gets back into night time routines. I'll have my kids in bed 2 weeks prior to school starting so they develop the habit of getting enough sleep and waking up early. Plus, we'll start the morning with a healthy and nutritional breakfast. Phanary C.

• I organize, pre-wash, peel, and then package veggie and fruit snacks in a bin in the fridge. It makes brown bagging selection each morning much easier! Gina H.

• Keep all of the hair stuff and accessories (brushes, rubber bands, hairspray) in a box near the breakfast table. It's a quick and easy way to get out the door with untangled hair. Lucy C.

• Freeze the juice boxes before bed so that they stay cold until the kids are ready to enjoy them, while keeping their lunch cold! Angela C.

• Make ahead a week's worth of freezer meals so you don't have to worry about dinner preparation the first week of school when things tend to be a bit hectic. Elaine S.

• A great lunchbox hack: Place an apple upside down. Using a knife cut the apple in a Tic Tac Toe grid with the core in the centre. Put apple back together like a puzzle and place an elastic band around the apple. When little ones eat the apple they can easily throw away the core and return the elastic home for tomorrow's treat. Not only is it easier for little ones to eat, it will also keep the apple from going brown. Katherine M.

• Start early. Get back to your school routine in August! Early mornings and early to bed. If your child is staring kinder, start using the lunch box early. Go on some picnics and practice! Brandee L.

• With 4 busy boys, I colour code everything - from pencil cases, lunch bags, to backpacks etc., so that each has their own colour: black, blue, red and green for us. I have been doing this for years and has helped keep the kiddies organized and mom happy! Donna C.

• Prepare lunches the night before and have a choice of food bins to make snack choices easier for kids to pick from - bin 1 fruits bin 2 vegetables and bin 3 dessert. Charlene M.

• Set an area in the closet or self by the door with the kids names. They have everything school related there. When they come home they put any forms or homework in their slot . The kids and I make sure everything is in their place ready for the morning. Makes for a peaceful morning. No surprises. Heather S.

• Easily clean a disgusting lunch bag! You could wipe a gunky insulated lunch bag with a wet cloth, but it's near impossible to remove that caked-on yogurt and hummus. So try this: Open the the bag and run it through the dishwasher face down on the top rack. Let it air-dry on a rack or in the sun. It'll look (and smell) almost new. Joanne C.

• Always give them a nice file folder in their backpacks so they can put all their school papers in without it getting lost or crumbled in the bottom of the backpack. Winnie L.

• We use the bento box lunch system. The organizational system allows me to pack things like dips and handfuls of nuts and other foods that would be awkward to put in a plastic bag. Lauren B.

• Make back-to-school dressing a cinch. Kids plan out their outfits for the week and stick them in designated cubbies. They can also be used to store school supplies. Jane M.

• Take some extra time at the beginning of the week and prepare a set of lunchtime notes/napkins, and they'll be ready to throw into the lunch bag each day without extra time needed. Liz P.

• If you have a child who's always forgetting things everywhere, buy a school set of labels for clothing, school supplies, and anything else that comes and goes to school. Charlene O.

• When your kids are registered at swim lessons, ballet class, and little league practice all in one week, all of that extra "stuff" ends up in the wrong piles around the house. Have a different bag for each activity to keep both you and all that "stuff" organized each day. Nathalie P.

• Get the family calendars synched up either with Google Calendar or apps like Cozy to make sure everyone is aware of scheduled activities, appointments, projects, tests, school meetings, etc... Anna H.

• Prepare in advance by checking current school supplies in your home before shopping so that you save money by not buying more than you need. Anu C.

Do you have another great Back to School Hack? Share below!

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