Keeping Kids Motivated to Workout

We’ve all been there, those excuses our children give us as to why they shouldn't workout. I am too tired, I want to play fortnight or some other video game, etc. Today we are going to talk about how we can keep our children focused and how to power through and get the most out of their workout.

Set a goal: Whether it is to make a team, complete a race, drop pounds on the scale or just feel better about themselves, set a goal. There is no greater reward, than crushing their goals, making that team and feeling great about yourself and all that they have accomplished. This is great for boosting their self esteem.

Have a workout buddy: This can work both ways - having a friend to keep them company can benefit both. We all know there will be days where each will come up with those empty excuses as to why they can't make that workout. Having a friend that can keep them accountable and on track is a win-win situation for both.

Buy them new workout clothes/shoes: Making sure they have proper clothing and shoes will make working out more enjoyable. There is a reason why cross trainers are for training and running shoes are for running. Whatever sport/workout your child does, make sure they are properly dressed for it.

Workout with your children: What better way to stay motivated then to lead by example. Letting you children workout with you is a great bonding experience. Add a little competitiveness and it’s a whole other ballgame!

Surround them with motivational sayings: Sometimes a simple catch phrase will inspire them to put those running shoes and get out the door.

Bribery: When all else fails, I am ok with a little bribery! What I mean by this is if your child is as passionate as mine for Fortnight, let them earn their time to play by working out. 60 minute workout equals 60 minute playtime.

Hope these few tips help you stay focused and moving towards crushing your goals each day. Until next time stay fit - stay healthy.

About the Author: Sue Forberg is the Director at H2T Elite Dryland Training Inc. H2T is a multi-faceted state of the art dryland facility specializing in children the ages 5-16. A gym for kids you say... absolutely. Their primary goal is to enhance the quality of life for young people through exercise and proper nutrition. H2T has created a fun age appropriate dryland program that gives every child what he/she needs from a developmental standpoint. Find out more at

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