9 Benefits of Singing with your Baby or Toddler

We know you love singing with your baby or toddler. And you know your child loves it when you sing to them too! But did you know that this activity has multiple emotional and cognitive benefits as well?

Studies have shown that regular music-making with your child helps development in multiple areas. It builds social skills, too! Here’s a top 9 list of the benefits of baby and toddler music classes. 

Bond with Your Baby and Toddler
Your child loves the sound of your voice! It was the first thing they associated with you, and it means love and care and connection. As such, children responds positively to the sound of the voice of their caregivers. 

Math Skills
Music is one of the first ways that babies and toddlers learn about patterns and counting, the building blocks of math. Fun counting songs are a cornerstone part of children’s music.

Language Skills
There’s no faster way to understand word associations than through song! Think of all the small children who love singing the songs from “Frozen” or “Moana” - they respond to the emotion and beauty of the music, and learning the songs helps develop language skills.

Believe it or not, even when your child is very small (and even before you’ve started coming to a music program), both you and your child have already memorized hundreds of songs. From the pieces you sing to them as lullabies, to viral hits like “Baby Shark” or theme music from TV shows, songs we hear often and love are things we commit to memory almost effortlessly.

Appreciation of Other Cultures
There are beautiful children’s songs in every language, and children’s music classes run by dedicated professional musicians will share this wonderful bounty with you. 

Music and movement go hand in hand. Kids love to move to the beat, and active and fun kids songs are a great way to encourage this rhythmic sensibility. Additionally, learning to use rhythm instruments is an incredible accelerator for hand-eye coordination. 

Sense of Achievement
Your child is so proud of themselves when they learn something new. Clap to a beat? Stomp your feet to the sound of the rain? Stand up and turn around? Roar like your favourite animal? Count to 5? 10? All these musical movement activities offer a chance for your child to master something new. 

Sharing and Teamwork
Games that involve rolling a ball, passing a beanbag, or taking turns with a new instrument are all fantastic opportunities to reinforce these skills.

Stress Relief
Parenting can be hard, and being little is also hard! When you sing, you automatically breathe deeply, increasing oxygen flow. Your body will feel both alert, happy and uplifted. A fantastic physical and emotional benefit! 

About the Author: Lisa Haberman has been sharing the joy of music classes for babies and toddlers for over 20 years while working at Rainbow Songs. Ready to sing with your little one? Check out their joyful and participatory baby and toddler music classes available at 20 locations in Toronto. Enroll today and see why more than 30 000 families love our programs. Find out more at: www.rainbowsongs.com.

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