New by Playmobil - Dwarf Kingdom

Prepare yourself to explore a whole new world! Playmobil is proud to present the latest playsets from the Knights theme - introducing Dwarf Kingdom!

Defend the land from anywhere with the Mobile Dwarf Fortress! Firing crossbows and rotating turrets help defend the kingdom, while the main hinged gate opens to reveal a dungeon for captured enemy fighters and supplied can be transported to the upper levels with a working pulley system. Protect the Dwarf King with the Giant Troll and Dwarf Fighter, patrol your territories with the Horse-Drawn Ballista and Dwarf flyer.

This all-new Knights set from Playmobil will encourage you to create, imagine and explore a whole new world!

Mobile Dwarf Fortress
Defend the land from anywhere with the Mobile Dwarf Fortress. The troll can pull this fortress to any location, so that the dwarf army is ready for any battle. The side flaps open to reveal functioning crossbows that can rain fire arrows down on the opposing army, while warriors in the rotating turrets can keep a lookout or defend from above. The main hinged gate opens to reveal a dungeon for captured enemy fighters. Remove the fortress’ upper platform for more room inside and easy access to its interior. Quickly transport supplies from the ground floor to upper levels using the working pulley system. Inside the fortress, a blacksmith forges weapons as needed, so that the dwarves are fully prepared.

AGE: 5+ YEARS | PRICE: $99.99

Horse-Drawn Ballista
Protect the fortress with the Horse-Drawn Ballista. The functioning ballista can fire three arrows consecutively, while the horses can move it to whichever location works best. Combine this set with the rest of the Playmobil​ Dwarf Kingdom theme (sold separately) to fully bring the story to life! Set includes three dwarf fighters, two ponies, ballista, fire arrows, bow and arrows, shield, battle axes, and many other accessories.

AGE: 5+ YEARS | PRICE: $34.99

Dwarf Flyer
View the battlefield from above with the Dwarf Flyer! This warrior can fly ahead to track the enemy’s movements. He can also get a bird’s eye view of the terrain, giving the dwarf army the upper hand. During the battle, he can fly over his enemies and fire down on them with his slingshot.

AGE: 5+ YEARS | PRICE: $11.99

Giant Troll with Dwarf Fighter
Bring in the muscle with the Giant Troll with Dwarf Fighter. The Dwarf Fighter can ride in the basket that attaches to the Giant Troll’s back, giving him an advantage over his enemies. Using his movable arms, hands, and head, the trolls clears the path for the dwarf army while the warrior uses his crossbow to ward off enemy fighters. At night, you can see the troll coming from afar thanks to his glow-in-the-dark horns, teeth and eyes.

AGE: 5+ YEARS | PRICE: $24.99

Dwarf King with Guards
Lead the army into battle with the Dwarf King with Guards! These dwarf warriors carry the king to the front lines atop his shield, thanks to the included foothold. They also protect him during the heat of battle.

AGE: 5+ YEARS | PRICE: $13.99

Dwarf Fighter with Pony
Ride into action with the Dwarf Fighter with Pony. This duo is ready for battle thanks to their full-body armor, for the warrior and his steed. Combine this set with the rest of the PLAYMOBIL Dwarf Kingdom theme (sold separately) to fully bring the story to life!

AGE: 5+ YEARS | PRICE: $9.49

All sets available at most major retailers and independent toy stores.

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