Easter EGGstravanganza


Easter EGGstravaganza


Centreville Amusement Park at Centre Island


Friday, April 22, 2011


A fun way to kick-off the Easter weekend!


The Ferry to the Island is an exciting part of the day – the lower deck has windows and an exposed boiler room (great for kids interested in the mechanics of the boat), and the upper deck is completely open, making for great city views.

The Centre Island grounds (even coming off of the cold, winter weather) are very pretty. Lots of grassy areas, trees, and open space for kids to run and play. There was even a sign that said “Please walk on the grass.”

The Easter Bunny made an appearance, gave away chocolate eggs, and posed for photographs. My son LOVED the Easter Bunny (and his fluffy tail) and searched for him the entire day.

The rides that were open and running were age appropriate for young children (2 to 7 years old). The Steam Engine was our family favourite.


The crowds! We arrived at the Ferry Docks at 11am and it was extremely crowded. If you plan to go this weekend) Buy your tickets online – the line to buy tickets was VERY long
) Be prepared to wait quite a while for the Ferry
) Dress warmly – it was much cooler on the Islan
d) Pack a lunch – the lines for the concession stands were long

Centreville was not well prepared for the crowds – not enough rides or concession stands were open.

The weather was cool and cloudy for most of the day, some sunshine would have been great.


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