Snakes, Crocodiles, and Lizards!

This week we visited Reptilia, a reptile zoo and education facility in Vaughan (just north of Toronto). We were first introduced to a Reptilia zoo keeper at Spring Fling in Rogers Centre, during March Break.

Reptilia is a 25,000 square foot facility with 53 large reptile exhibits including: boa constrictors, python snakes, snapping turtles, Tegu lizards, poisonous dart frogs, Nile crocodiles, and many more creatures.

Our day began with a guided tour by zoo keeper, Nicole Filion. We learned about habitats, special diets, and other interesting reptilian facts. Fascinating details for my little boy (and me). But most notable was the interactivity of the zoo. Guests may touch a selection of reptiles, and for an additional fee, can feed a mouse to a live snake or vegetables to a turtle. My son chose to participate in the creepy activity and happily took on the role of snake feeder.

Take a look at our photos:

There is also a Reptilia shop filled with plastic snakes and frogs, apparel, resourceful books, and of course, reptiles.


We visited Reptilia on a weekday morning. I was told that the weekends are very busy and if you plan on visiting, make it an early start.

Take a look at the feeding schedule and plan ahead. The viewing experience is well worth the effort.

In addition to many education and outreach programs and birthday party packages, there are a number of specialty guided tours available. For example, a Flashlight Tour allows guests to explore the nocturnal habits of reptiles.

Inside the zoo is a small seating area (just across from the Nile crocodiles), with a collection of vending machines. We packed our own snacks and took a break after the tour (and before the snake feeding). I assume the area is very crowded on weekends.

Admission prices vary, but kids 0 to 3 years old are free.

Free on-site parking available.

Have you been to Reptilia? Plan on making a trip? Or is fear holding you back? If so, you could always enroll in the Phobia Course.

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