TIFF Kids Film Festival

On Saturday, we attended a screening of Reel Rascals at the TIFF Kids Film Festival. Specifically designed for kids between the ages of 3-6 years old, Reel Rascals is an hour long collection of animated shorts. From a lion and a mouse (A Friend Like Me), to some friendly monsters (A Monster Mess), and a comedic cat who tries to plant a candy garden (Joe & Jack: Garden Party), the films were imaginative and playful.

After the screening we explored digiPlaySpace, an interactive, digital learning playground filled with a Funky Forest (a touch sensitive ecosystem), magical green screen, sound painting, 3D drawing centre, and Appcade (filled with learning apps). Take a look at our photos (and digitally enhanced family portrait)!


TIFF Kids Film Festival runs until April 22 and brings over 130 films from 40 countries.

Take a look at the TIFF Schedule and pre-order tickets on-line or by phone. The Saturday morning screening of Reel Rascals was sold out to last-minute guests.

Screening tickets are $8.50 for children 3-12 years old and $12.00 for adults.

digiPlaySpace tickets are $2.50 (with a screening ticket) or $5.00 (without a screening ticket).

Booster seats are available at the entrance of each theatre.

Will your family attend TIFF Kids Film Festival? Which film will you see? How about digiPlaySpace? Are your kids interested in interactive media?

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