It’s Easy Being Green!

Kermit the Frog once said: “It’s not easy being green.” But that was a long time ago. In today’s eco-conscious world, families are discovering that it is easy to be green and are making so many more efforts to become environmentally responsible.

In our family, we aren’t ‘tree-hugging hippies’ but I can honestly say that we are very eco-aware (my kids too!). We recycle everything, we compost, we turn off all lights, unplug/turn-off electronics when not in use, we watch our water consumption, we buy organic, and don’t use pesticides. But there is still so much more we can all do.

Here are tips and things to do to become a more eco-friendly family!

Make your own cleaners. Pick up inexpensive spray bottles at the dollar store and concoct your own cleaning solutions. Baking soda and vinegar make excellent natural solvents. You can find green cleaning recipes on the David Suzuki website.

Get rid of the plastic! Buy BPA-free usable bottles. You may recycle but the majority of bottles still end up in land-fills. Don’t use plastic shopping bags, wrap, or baggies. There are so many great alternatives out there!

Get rid of disposables. Plastic cutlery, paper plates, and cups are a no-no! It may mean more dishes but it’s better for the environment. And don’t wash your dishes by hand – run full loads of your dishwasher – it’s more efficient.

Support ‘green’ companies. Buy from companies that use minimal and recyclable packaging for their products.

Support the E-Waste Recycling Program. Initiated by the city of Toronto, this program makes it very easy to get rid of unwanted electronics and keeps e-waste out of landfill sites by ensuring these items are either recycled or safely disposed of.

‘Green’ your home. Visit the Live Green Toronto Program website and find out about all kinds of ways to make your life more green with tips, savings, incentives, and more.

For me it’s simple. I think of my children and their children… and that’s what motivates me. Everyone counts so if every family jumps in, we’re definitely heading towards a better world – we need to, for their sake.

PS. – And if you don’t know the size of your carbon footprint, here’s where you can calculate it. You’ll be surprised by the results!

What does your family do to be more earth-friendly?

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