Fried What?

Foods of the deep fried kind at the CNE! As soon as we hit the CNE, we made a b-line for the food booths. Why? The CNE is known for being a haven of unhealthy but tasty and really yummy foods. You know, the deep fried kind… We found wonderfully wacky, wild, and irresistible fried summer foods, from deep-fried coke to pizza on a stick. What are you waiting for? Read on to salivate over these unusual and calorie-laden foods that we found at The EX!

Among the delicacies at this year’s CNE are the new popular deep fried liquids – deep fried Cola, Kool-Aid, and Slushy! The deep fried coke topped with whipped cream and a cherry is just a few 1,000 calories. Here’s a pic of Cherry-Aid.

Another popular pick for this year – the deep fried Twinkie. Twinkies are not exactly diet fare to begin with.

The deep fried Mars Bar… Yum! Did someone say 400 calories – Really?

The new kid on the block – the Krispy Kreme Burger. This artery-clogger features a hamburger patty topped with cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomato all tucked inside a sliced Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnut. A ‘fried egg’ is optional! This sandwich is a whopping 1,550 calories. My newly vegetarian daughter succumbed to this burger. I had a taste… have to admit, it wasn’t bad!

Then there’s deep fried mac and cheese. 575 calories. You’ll find that at the Mac & Cheesery along with many other goodies.

A fave from last year is the deep fried butter. The gentleman who ordered these said: “This tastes weird!” But he ate them all anyways.

Now the deep fried Oreo cookie caught my attention… It was just delicious, so light and fluffy, and all melted inside. Also like the calories – only 156!

Here’s something different… pizza on a stick!

Here are some traditional fair foods we can’t forget about!

The Onion Blossom. Mmmm.

And my fave, the corn dog. Nothing beats a corn dog!

Each year, fair vendors set out to outdo each other with the craziest deep fried foods you can imagine. And there’s even more! There’s deep fried fudge, pickles, bacon, and brownies, only to name a few. The CNE is where you go to get food of the deep fried kind. Definitely a once a year treat! Wonder what’s in store for next year!

P.S. Thanks to all the CNE guests who allowed us to take photos of their food. You didn’t think I ate ALL of these did you?

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