Marineland, Niagara Falls

Marineland is one of Niagara Fall’s popular family destination spots with a distinctive line up of attractions, marine mammal shows, amusement rides and interactive animal displays, delivering tons of excitement and pure fun for all.

Marineland provides a day’s adventure where visitors experience the thrill of getting up close with animals from both land and sea.

Marvel at the Killer Whales as they jump to incredible heights at Friendship Cove.

The underwater viewing gallery lets you enter the enchanting world of whales just below the water surface. At Arctic Cove, meet the Beluga, a unique and friendly white whale.

One of the unique experiences at Marineland is the chance to interact with its animals. Arctic Cove is home to the beluga whales and it’s the largest facility of its kind where you can feed and touch these fascinating white whales. You can also see high-flying dolphins perform incredible flips and other impressive tricks.

A highlight at Marineland – the rides! From newer rides to true and tested family favourites, there’s a wide selection of rides to thrill everyone. There's Viking Adventure – a ride that will thrill and surprise. The Wave Swinger is a beautifully designed and popular ride with guests. The Ocean Odyssey is a new family thrill ride. Dragon Mountain, the world’s largest non-stop steel roller coaster, is spread over 30 acres of land and features more travel through tunnels than any other coaster – 1,163 feet! Also a favourite – the Sky Screamer – the world’s highest triple tower ride, takes you over 137.2 metres (450 feet) skyward and launches you up and down at speeds of up to 96 km/h (60 mph). 

Mingling with the animals is not just limited to marine life as visitors can also connect with other animals such as elk, buffalo and black bears. You can also feed and even touch the deer that roam freely in Deer Park.

Marineland is also best known for it’s dynamic animal shows! The King Waldorf Stadium presents programs at regular intervals throughout the day. Audiences will delight in watching the hilarious sea lions and seals clowning around. Be amazed when the bottlenose dolphins demonstrate their speed and agility in performing various acrobatic high jumps!

Marineland provides a day’s adventure with many attractions, shows, amusement rides, and exciting animal interaction programs where visitors experience the thrill of getting up close with animals from both land and sea. Marineland operates from May until October. For more info, visit:

With Marineland’s Season’s Pass, you can enjoy unlimited admission to the park’s great attractions. Purchase an admission ticket to the park and for just $5.00 more you can come back the next day, the next week – in fact, you can visit as many times as you want throughout the season!

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