Inside the Model Railroad Club of Toronto

This weekend, we attended an open house at the Model Railroad Club of Toronto (MRCT). The MRCT was founded in 1938 by Harry Ebert and Borden Lilley. The club was originally located in Harry Ebert’s basement, later moved to Toronto’s Union Station, and in January 1946, moved to 171 East Liberty Street, a former munitions factory.

On Sunday afternoon, the doors opened at noon and there was a line up for tickets. The crowd was full of kids, parents, and grandparents. It really was a perfect event for ‘young and old.’ Here are a few photographs from our look inside the Club:

A Few Tips

The MRCT is housed in a basement-like space. Therefore, strollers need to be left at the top of the stairs.

As the afternoon progressed, the Club became more crowded and difficult to navigate. Go early (noon was ideal).

Bring your own stepping stool. Since the railway layout is at the height of an adult’s waist, it’s difficult for children to see. There are a few benches for the children to stand on top of, but we found it much more useful to just bring our own stool from home. My son was able to view the layout from multiple vantage points.

There is a small snack bar and seating area (with a train video playing on a television).

Children are not allowed to touch the trains or tracks, which can be difficult for little ones. I suggest telling your kids about this rule prior to visiting the club.

Free parking is available on-site.

Do you plan to visit the Model Railroad Club of Toronto Open House? Did you already attend? What did you think?

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