A Vending Machine for Babies

The world's first vending machine for babies...

Here's a novel idea from the creators of UK-based Ella's Kitchen -- a pint-sized vending machine designed for kids. Ella’s Kitchen’s machine stands 115 cm tall and is just the right size for most toddlers. It offers 12 varieties of healthy snacks and the device reportedly even features several tyke-oriented features designed to make it easy for toddlers to operate independently.

In the UK, the top spots with a lack of toddler-friendly snacks on-the-go were revealed as:

Beaches (43 per cent)
Parks or playgrounds (38 per cent)
Shopping centres (36 per cent)
Theme parks (33 per cent)
Zoos or farms (29 per cent)

According to UK research, 82% of parents struggle to find healthy, tasty food for their kids while out, and over a quarter are feeding their kids twice a day outside of the home. For these parents, these vending machines would be a godsend.

Ella’s Kitchen is one of the key pioneers of high quality, natural, easy-to-dispense baby foods. In Canada, their products can be found at Babies R Us and Toys R Us.

Trialled at the LolliBop festival in August, the machine was a refreshing alternative to salty and sugary foods. While it's not certain if Ella’s Kitchen will mass market their fantastic idea, we hope that health-conscious adults everywhere follow their vision in an effort to combat childhood obesity!

How do you feel about these vending machines? Should something like this should be available in North America?

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