10 Reasons to Go See the Shrine Circus

This week, looking for something fun and different to do on the long weekend, I went with my family to see the Shrine Circus. I’ve never been to a circus but have always wanted to go. When I received the chance to attend the Shrine Circus during their Toronto stop, I jumped at the opportunity. The circus didn’t disappoint and here’s why I think you should go... there’s still time, the circus is in town for another month!

Top 10 reasons why you need to see the Shrine Circus...

10. You get the experience of sitting under a European style Big Top tent.

9. Your children can go for an elephant ride during the intermission.

8. It’s perfect for the entire family. Everyone in your family, regardless of their age, will enjoy the circus. My 5 month old loved it as much as I did!

7. It’s affordable family entertainment. Tickets are only $30 each and right now, you can purchase 2 for the price of 1 using promo code FUN.

6. Two young boys make riding a unicycle look so easy, you will leave thinking you can do it.

5. You’ll get to see a family juggle... EACH OTHER, using only their legs to flip each other into the air. This really is a site to see!

4. The aerial acrobatics show reminds you just how talented (and brave!) people really are.

3. There are TWO awesome horse shows. Being so close to the stage you really get to see the horses beauty and strength.

2. The circus is timeless. The Shrine Circus is on tour celebrating 250 years of entertaining.

1. Where else will you get a chance to see tigers jumping through a ring of fire?!

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