Keeping the Hockey Spirit Alive at HHOF

It might be Summer, but it feels more like Spring with all of the rain coming down on Toronto. While I'm lucky that my son loves doing art and crafts, we only have a finite amount of wall space available for his work. So outings are necessary. But where do you go in Toronto when it rains? The Hockey Hall of Fame! We've been a few times but there's so much to see and do, my son keeps asking me to go back.

When you first walk in there are many displays of hockey memorabilia such as old and new team jerseys, skates, goalie masks and gloves, and news clippings. There's also a replica of the Canadiens dressing room. My son loves telling me the names of the teams and asking me what everything says. I love it because it allows me to increase my hockey knowledge so I can discuss it and keep up with my kids.

However, we spend most of our time shooting pucks at a real goalie - via an interactive virtual simulation game of course! During our last visit, Kyle scored on 4 of the 5 shots he took. Pretty impressive for a two and a half-year old. He received lots of high-fives afterwards!

Another great interactive spot that we like is the announcer booths. Overlooking the NHLPA Be A Player zone, you get to record your own play-by-play account of a game and listen to it. While my son mostly says "he shoots... he scores!" we all get a good kick of it.

Of course, our favourite thing to do, along with most of the other visitors, is to look and touch the Stanley Cup. Unless it's on tour, the cup resides in the Esso Great Hall, among other notable hockey trophies. There is also the vault room where the original Stanley Cup bowl is stored along with rings that have been retired over the years.

And here's a fun fact for you regarding the cup:

Because the Cup is the only professional sports trophy where the name of every member of the winning team is inscribed, bands are often retired to make room for new champions.

There's so much to see and do at the Hockey Hall of Fame for everyone in the family. Whether you're a hockey fanatic, occasional watcher, or learning about hockey for the first time, you will love what the Hall has to showcase and offer its visitors. You can plan your visit by checking out the Hockey Hall of Fame's website for more information.

Of course, a hockey post wouldn't be complete without a shout-out to this year's Stanley Cup Winners, the Chicago Blackhawks. And also to next year's champion, the Toronto Maple Leafs (a girl can dream, can’t she?).

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