The Waterfront Trail

Summer is the perfect time to explore neighbourhood parks. Since we live in downtown Toronto, our adventures are all about finding tranquil, green spaces nestled between store fronts and high rises (something we became quite good at after living in NYC).

We recently took a walk along the Waterfront Trail, starting at Coronation Park (just across from the CNE) and making our way to Little Norway Park (just across from the Harbourfront Community Centre).

On a weekday morning it was relatively quiet and the cool breeze from the lake made for perfect weather. The only thing missing was a picnic basket filled with some tasty treats for our journey.

Take a look at our photos along the way:

A Few Notes

There is a sand box, splash pad, and restroom at the playground.

If your kids like airplanes, they can get a great look at Porter planes taking off and arriving from various points along the Trail.

The Trail is frequented by cyclist and rollerbladers (some racing by quickly), so be careful if your toddler chooses to walk or ride their own bike. 

I plan to write a number of posts about city parks in the next few weeks. Would you like to recommend a great spot in your neighbourhood? Would love to hear your suggestions!

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