The Unionville Festival

Today, my family and I spent our day at the Unionville Festival. The Festival, which takes place every year on the first weekend of June, is located on the beautiful historic Main Street in Unionville. As a kid, I would often visit this town with my family and this is a tradition I’ve continued with my husband and our kids. 

The festival draws both locals and visitors from all over Toronto. With so much to see and do, it’s a great place to spend a few hours, the day, or even the whole weekend! 

We arrived just in time for the parade which included a few marching bands, dogs, kids dancing, an old fire truck, clowns, and other colourful floats. After the parade we hit up the bouncy castles (tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5). 

All along Main Street is the village market where vendors sell goods ranging from clothes, children’s toys, to a variety of foods. My son got a Panda painted on his hand and sampled some of the goodies that were given out including fresh cotton candy (which also happens to be my favourite). There was tons of food to choose from including ribs, kebobs, Thai, sushi, Jamaican, and the classic all-American hot-dogs and hamburgers. 

We picked up lunch and brought it to the pond. While enjoying our food we got to see the Pondapalooza krazy kraft race. Teams race around the pond on a non-motorized boat of their choice; such as canoes, kayaks, or pontoons. Another requirement is dressing up; the wackier the better. We watched the vikings, hula-girls, pirates, and clowns paddle. While some made it through the whole course, others couldn’t make it further than a few feet from the start line. It was family-friendly entertainment at its best!! 

After lunch we had to head home for nap time, but the festival carried on with many more activities including concerts in the park, a rubber duck race, and fireworks at night.

Sunday brings another day of exciting events including a family treasure hunt and hot air balloon rides. 

For further details and information check out the website.

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