St. Lawrence Market


St. Lawrence Market


92 Front Street East


Sunday, April 17, 2011


The St. Lawrence Market is easily accessible via the TTC (and just a short walk from Union Station).

The Market is a food lovers paradise! Plenty of fresh seafood, all natural beef and chicken, and organic fruit and vegetables.

There are multiple bakeries in the market that have a variety fresh baked goods at very reasonable prices.

In addition to all the great food, you can find a beautiful flower market (on the lower level) and a unique kitchen supply shop – the selection of cookie cutters is one of the best in the city.

There are two children’s playground just south east of St. Lawrence Market. I suggest picking up a picnic lunch at the Market, then making your way to the playground to eat and have some fun with the kids.


The Market is very busy during lunch time – crowds, lines, and hungry people. I recommend going right before the lunch rush to beat the crowds. If you arrive after the lunch rush, many of the shops actually close because they are sold out of food.


Hanging out with Daddy at the playground!

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