A Site to See: Sakura Cherry Blossom Trees at High Park

Springtime in Japan is represented by the various festivities happening all over the country. The celebrations coincide with the blooming of the Cherry Blossom (Sakura) trees; a symbol of luck for the Japanese.

While Japan is known for its Cherry Blossom trees, you don't have to travel that far to join in on the experience. High Park, in Toronto's West End, is filled with Cherry Blossom trees. Given to the city as a gift by the Japanese, the trees reached the peak of their blossom this past weekend.

People from all over Toronto flock to the park to get a glimpse of the beautiful trees whose flowers remain only for a short period of time (approximately five days). The Japanese believe that this short-lived beauty of the tree's flowers is a metaphor for life.

My family and I happened to be at High Park on Saturday for a birthday party. We witnessed these majestic trees, along with hundreds of other visitors. It was truly a site to be seen, a blanket of white flowers floating on the trees; just like a big white cloud down on earth!

Above and beyond the trees, there's so much to see and do at the park including; strolling by the pond, visiting the zoo, enjoying a nice picnic, and playing in the amazing playground, partially designed by children themselves.

For more information, check out High Park Toronto's website.

About Maya Fitzpatrick
After 10 years in the business world, Maya has decided to become CEO of all things boys (she has two sons). She's a stay-at-home mom in Riverdale, Toronto. Her days are filled with various classes for her toddler son and outings in and around the city. Her favourite part is exploring new stores, coffee shops, and parks that are perfect for her entire family. You can follow along on her adventures at: www.mayahoodblog.com or on FB at: www.facebook.com/Mayahood and on Twitter: @fitzpatrickmaya.

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