Baby Mugging: New Parent Trend

There's a new online photo trend called "baby mugging." It shows coffee mugs filled with the most adorable babies - who appear to be 'inside' the mug. The results are super cute!

The trend was started by Ilana Wiles, the mom blogger behind Mommy Shorts, when she put her 5-month-old baby on the floor and held a coffee mug close to the camera so it looked like the bottom half of her baby was "inside" the mug.

"The result was what looked like a miniaturized baby actually hanging out in my morning cup of coffee," Wiles writes. She posted the photos to her blog, Facebook, and Instagram, and the trend took off from there. Hundreds of people started posting #babeinamug pics on her site. People were taking pictures of kids of all ages, dogs, and even other adults.

Ilana says that it's super easy to 'baby mug' and works for kids of all sizes.

If you want to join in on the fun, here are "Baby Mugging" instructions:

1. First of all, you need to find a really cool mug - one that makes a statement!
2. Put your baby on the floor (or a flat surface).
3. Hold the mug in front of your baby.
4. Snap the pic and share it!

If you want to join in the craze online, post your pics on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #babeinamug or #babymugging. And if you want to find other cute baby mugging shots, search for those same hashtags on Twitter or Instagram - you'll find more mugs full of babies.

Here are some fun babes in mugs:

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