Favourite Things: May Roundup

Monster Finger Tattoos

Looking to be in the know about the coolest, most unique, most practical, most innovative things on the market?

In this column, you’ll discover a few of my favourite things: the latest and greatest stuff for babies, kids, and ourselves (yea we like cool things too!). I’ll be scouring the web for fun finds, rocking toys, hip threads, trendy decor, and everything cool.

I hope you will enjoy this bright new roundup!

To kick things off, this first post is insipred by some of the most sought-after products throughout this month...

May was all about kids being kids! So, have a blast with these kid-centric picks that are just as special as they are.

1. Monster Finger Tattoos
These fun tats turn tiny digits into creepy (but adorable!) characters. Best of all (at least from a parent’s point of view), they will wash off with soap and water. Each set includes twenty temporary tattoos.

2. Big Googly Eyes
Silly and fun, these adhesive-backed googly eyes will be perfect for putting on your sleeping children, mailboxes, instruments, appliances, or presents! Just stick them anywhere to give anything its own set of peepers. Boring things are so much funnier when they’re personified!

3. Finger Printing Art Set
This art set will turn little finger prints into masterpieces! Designed especially for wee ones, this entertaining set allows children to turn their fingerprints into colourful creatures, flowers, and characters. The kit's rubber stamps and coloured pencils offer even more options for creating one-of-a-kind works of art.

4. Animal Masks
Little ones can paint and decorate to their heart's content with these fun animal masks that are made of cardboard and require no glue or scissors to assemble. Great for kids, the masks are perfect for play dates, arts and crafts, and birthday parties.

5. Japanese Kitten Coin Piggy Bank
When kiddos put a coin on the fishy food bowl on top of the box, an adorable kitten will pop out, snatch the coin, and go back into box! This widly popular mechanical piggy bank is perfect for kids, since they’ll actually want to save up their pennies!

What fun!

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