Shelve Dr. Seuss' Hop on Pop?

In a bizarre story, librarians at the Toronto Public Library were asked to 'shelve' the popular 'Hop On Pop' book written by beloved children's author Dr. Seuss. The complainant requested that the 1963 children's book 'Hop on Pop' be removed from the establishment’s collection because it allegedly promotes violence.

And if that wasn't strange enough, the complainant also requested an apology to all fathers in the Toronto area and asked that the library "pay for damages resulting from the book."

After looking in to the matter, The Toronto Public Library Materials Review Committee found that the book is "humorous," "well-loved," and that it has "appeared on many 'Best of' children’s book lists." They also pointed out that the children in the Pulitzer Prize-winning author’s book are actually told not to hop on pop!

Fortunately for all kiddies in Toronto, the library has opted to retain the book in the children's collection, despite the complaint.

What do you think? Should the book be spared or shelved?

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