Origami Day

While November 11th is usually associated with Remembrance Day, Veteran’s Day, and Armistice Day around the world, you probably didn’t know that November 11th is also Origami Day.

Origami is the well-known Japanese art of transforming paper into intricate designs. The word origami comes from ori meaning “folding,” and kami meaning “paper.” One of the most famous origami shapes is the paper crane. It is recognized as a international symbol of hope, peace, and longevity. November 11th was picked as Origami Day because it matched the idea of peace expressed by the other holidays it shares this date with. 11/11 also symbolizes the four sides of a square ⎯ the most commonly used starting paper shape for origami!

To celebrate World Origami Day, we are spreading the joy of paper-folding and sharing with you origami-inspired finds. Nimble fingers and active imaginations will swoon over these fun products!

Amazing Origami Book / Clutch Purse with Origami Animals / Origami Pillow / Origami Stars Hanging Baby Mobile / Little Origami Fox / Origami Lunch Bag / Origami Crane Necklace

Here’s a simple and easy origami idea to try out and share with your kids. They’ll love it!

Origami Cat Face Instructions

1. Start with a square piece of paper. Fold the piece of paper in half, diagonally (from corner to corner). Next, make the ears by folding one corner of the triangle down as show. Repeat with the other corner.

2. Now fold the top corner over towards you to make the head flat. Then fold the bottom edges slightly up to make the face smaller.

3. Flip the cat over and decorate! Draw eyes, a nose, mouth, and whiskers.

Let's get the world to fold!

What will you be creating?

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