New Doll for Kids... Flaws and All

Meet Lammily, the doll that your kids can totally customize: she comes with 'special' stickers to give her realistic 'flaws,' like stretch marks, acne, and scars. She has cellulite, no makeup, and a few extra curves.

The doll was created by Nickolay Lamm, a man who was tired of unrealistic-looking Barbie dolls. He created the Lammily doll because he wanted to send a message that "reality can be beautiful." Lammily comes with stickers where you can place zits, some stretch marks, freckles (since when are freckles an imperfection!) a scar or a scratch, and even tattoos.

The doll was funded with crowdsource dollars, which means consumers wanted the doll. In March 2014, more than 13,621 backers, preordered over 19,000 dolls. Since then, the doll has been manufactured and is ready to ship out on November 28, 2014 to all backers.

But not everyone loves the message. Many people are debating whether the doll or her "imperfections" really achieve what Lamm is trying to get at. An article posted on Huffington Post is critical of the doll stating that, "Do we really need to send a message that women have flaws? Let's acknowledge them and help little girls find beauty in the imperfections. And if you don't like the flaws, peel them off!"

What do you think? Would you buy this doll for your kids?

The company does ship worldwide. If your order is placed by December 10, 2014, you will receive your doll in time for the holidays. For more information, visit:

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