Riding the Rails in Uxbridge

On Saturday morning we took a ride along the York-Durham Heritage Railway (YDHR). We climbed aboard a 1950′s passenger car and enjoyed the picturesque journey from Uxbridge to Goodwood. The rail line used by the YDHR was built in the late 1860’s by William Gooderham (a distiller from Toronto), to carry grain to his distillery, as well as lumber for export, and cordwood for resale. Today, the rail line is a tourist destination and mecca for train lovers (like my little boy).

Take a look at our photos:


Dress warmly. We rode the train on a sunny fall day, but it was quite cold in the passenger cars.

Pack snacks and a lunch. There is a small snack bar at the back of the train, but it is expensive.

Bring a camera. The train station is picturesque and there are plenty of unique photo opportunities.

Plan ahead and be sure to arrive at the train station on time. From downtown Toronto, the drive was just over an hour on a Saturday morning. There is plenty of free, on-site parking.

There is a small antique shop next to the train station if you are looking for unique souvenirs.

We rode the Halloween Train (as you can see by the decor inside the passenger car), but there is also a Santa Train beginning Saturday, December 4. Be sure to purchase tickets in advance via the phone or website.

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