Boredom Busters: 10 Really Cool Indoor Activities for Kids

As families continue to be confined indoors, 'What Now?' is likely the question of the hour. Try these 10 really cool and fun indoor activities for cooped-up kids!

Play Balloon Tennis
This game is perfect for the house with a 'No Throwing or Kicking Balls in the House' rule. Get instructions from Kix Cereal.

Make Hot Chocolate on a Stick
These hot chocolate treats are easy to make and will definitely warm someone's heart. Making them will be fun for little hands. Get recipe from The Spruce Eats.

Paint with Salt
Make a rainbow (or other art) using black glue, salt, and watercolours. Get instructions from Mess for Less.

Make Homemade Shrinky Dinks
Make your own Shrinky Dinks using recycled plastic containers. Once your kids start making these they won't want to stop. Get instructions from Skip to my Lou.

Bubble Painting
Nothing spells fun like bubbles, but add a little colour and take your bubble play to a whole new level. Get instructions from Kelly Noel.

Make a Cake in a Mug
This is a quick chocolate cake recipe made in a mug. These treats are so easy kids can even make them themselves. Get recipe from Food Network.

Make Clothespin Art
Magically turn clothespins into mermaids, dolls, race cars, animals, or caterpillars. Get instructions from Hello Wonderful.

Make Marshmallow Paint
Marshmallows, water, light corn syrup, and food colouring are all you need to make the most fun paint for kids. Then decorate cookies! Get instructions from Crafts by Amanda.

Make Homemade Butter
Kids love this project! Not only does the butter taste fresher, but you can evoke days of old without having to figure out how to make a butter churner. Get recipe from Food Network.

Make Apple Chips
These apple chips are really easy to make and are a great, healthy snack. They do take a while to bake slowly but they are worth the wait. Get recipe from Delish.

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