Craft Activities to Keep Kids Busy over March Break

If you're looking for some indoor activities to keep kids busy over March Break, here's a list of absolutely entertaining and easy crafts, projects and science experiments, to brighten any day! 

Get ready for a fantastic week of crafting...

10 Cute Finger Puppets to Make
Puppet shows are the cornerstone of imaginative play for small children. Making your own finger puppets will allow your child to have an input into what kinds of characters they want to create and express. Here are 10 ideas to get your started! More

10 Fun Earth Day Crafts & Projects
Your kids will have fun using recycled materials to make these beautiful earth day crafts and projects. Here are 10 ideas to remind your little ones of the importance of reusing and recycling. Happy Earth Day! More

10 Cute DIY Easter Baskets
Easter will be here soon so get a head start and make your Easter Basket! 10 adorable Easter baskets you can make with your kids, many of which use recycled materials. More

10 Fun Upcycled Projects for Kids
The best crafts to make are upcycled kids crafts! They are practically free and they help the planet. Transform items you already have in your house to make these 10 creative projects that kids will love. More

10 Fun Ways to Recycle Old Crayons
Take those broken crayons and turn them into something new. This recycling activity for kids is super fun and colourful! More

St. Patrick's Day Projects
Get your kids in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit with these six festive crafts. There's something here for everyone! More

15 At-Home Science Experiments
Your week is guaranteed to be both educational and tons of fun with these 15 awesome at-home science experiments! Enjoy ooey gooey slime, sweet rock candy, turning carnations the colours of the rainbow, and many more cool projects all in the name of science. More

Homemade Playdough for Kids
Here's a recipe to make your very own playdough for your kids. This playdough is non-toxic and is similar to Tutti-Frutti playdough, which is scented, colorful, and very elastic! More

10 Cute Easter Projects for Kids
Looking for some cute crafts for Easter? Here are 10 of our favourite Easter projects for kids, with plenty of eggs, chicks, and Easter bunnies included! Get your family excited for Easter with these fun ideas. More

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