Creative Ideas for Sidewalk Chalk Art

Your sidewalk will be the coolest of the neighbourhood!

Creating art with sidewalk chalk is a timeless tradition for kids — even in the age of screens and high-tech. Chalk art remains a family-favourite activity so be inspired by these chalk art ideas and take the fun to the next level.

Skyscraper Scene
This is a great art idea for encouraging imagination and creativity. Let kids draw their own scenes and play act within them! Get idea from Everyday Best.

Hopscotch Fun
With a stick of chalk and a lot of creativity, this hopscotch idea can turn summer into something special. Get idea from Jr Imagination.

A Giant Chalk Art Town
Give kids lots of colourful sidewalk chalk for some BIG and fun sidewalk chalk car play. Get idea from B-Inspired Mama.

Chalk Art with the Johnsons
Get tons of adorable ideas to draw chalk art with your kids and then pose them in the art! Get ideas from A Journey With The Johnsons.

Movie Magic Sidewalk Chalk Art
Recreate scenes from your family’s favourite movies, like this Snow White scene. Get idea from Burgh Baby.

Under the Sea Art
This scene will inspire all kids who are bored this summer. See what other sea creatures they can add. Get idea from Be Strong, Be Calm, Be Grateful.

Washable Graffiti
Want to do something different than chalking the concrete? Take your chalk to cloth and create this washable graffiti. Get idea from Babble Dabble Do.

Stained Glass Chalk Art
Just add tape to the ground in fun geometric designs and shapes, then fill in with chalk to create cool stained glass art. Get idea from Juggling With Kids.

Cooking Sidewalk Chalk Art
Mom Stacy Lazzara was getting super creative with backdrops she created with her kids during quarantine. Get more great ideas from her Facebook Page.

More Sidewalk Chalk Drawing Ideas for Kids
These drawing ideas for kids are perfect for getting creative outdoors. Includes free printable cards with fun and easy chalk drawing prompts. Get idea from The Littles And Me.

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