Creative Ways To Celebrate Play-Doh Day

Play-Doh Day is September 16, and there's really only one way to celebrate the iconic modelling clay — playing with playdough! Here are recipes to mix up your own natural playdough. Lots of fun for little fingers!

Pay-Doh Fun Facts

Did you know that Play-Doh was originally developed in the 1930’s, not as a toy but as wallpaper cleaner? It wasn't until the 1950’s that that the popular dough was marketed as a toy, in its trademark vibrant colours of red, blue, yellow and white. And in 1998, Play-Doh was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame. Two billion tubs of the enchanting putty later, families still continue to enjoy this creative dough today.

Make Your Own

On September 16, celebrate Play-Doh Day and release your inner child, with these creative ideas... Here are some of our favourite playdough Recipes that are perfect to make!

Best Ever Playdough Recipe
How to make the best ever playdough recipe that will last for months! The texture is buttery, and cream of tartar makes for a strong, smooth playdough that won’t crumble. Get instructions from Tinker Lab.

Playdough Soap
Playdough Soap – a bath time play dough that actually helps kids get clean! Get instructions from Sugar Spice and Glitter.

Marshmallow Playdough
This marshmallow playdough has to be the easiest play dough recipe to make. And the best part is that it’s completely safe to eat! Get instructions from One Little Project.

Softest 2 Ingredient Playdough
By using just two common household ingredients (conditioner + cornstarch), this fun activity results in a super soft dough you can mould… and the best part is there is no cooking required. Get instructions from Hip 2 Save.

Glitter Playdough
This glitter Playdough is so easy to make and the "ooohs" and "aaahs" from the kids will be sweet to hear. Get instructions from The Chronicles Of Home.

Kool-Aid Playdough
This fun KOOL-AID Modeling Clay recipe is a twist on one of your favourite drinks. Get instructions from All Things Thrifty.

Glow-in-the-Dark Playdough
Make this all natural glowing Playdough. Not only does it glow brightly, but it also lasts for 4-6 months in a sealed container. Get instructions from Fun At Home With The Kids.

Tie Dye Playdough
Your kids will have fun making this multi-coloured Playdough using crepe paper. Get instructions from Fun Littles.

Porridge Oats Playdough
Make some playdough with porridge oats for some wonderful imaginative and sensory play. Get instructions from The Imagination Tree.

Marble Playdough
Involve your kids in colouring their own playdough! It provides opportunities to discuss light and dark and all things colour. Get instructions from The Empowered Educator.

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