Debate Camp Canada Virtual Summer Camp

Debate Camp provides programs in Public Speaking, Parliamentary Debating and Model United Nations, and this year's core curriculum will be delivered online. Since 2002, Debate Camp Canada has helped thousands of youth, become better advocates for their ideas, develop strong persuasion and public speaking skills and ultimately feel empowered to speak well to a variety of audiences.

This year is no different as programs continue into be offered in a virtual format. Online debate workshops are designed in a fun, interactive way, and participants will develop debate skills via opportunities to work together, share thinking and debate twice in each session. Participants will co-develop cases, debate as a team and receive feedback together; often as a side - pointing out strengths of argumentation and delivery.

Debate Camp's program is a supportive place, with lots of encouragement available for those who are trying new things. Participants are coached to honour what is being said by their opponents and welcome the efforts of others, even in competition. All online debate partnerships and speakers opposite are grouped at an experience level that ensures the right level of challenge, comfort and fit. Campers enrolling in multiple camps are welcome to try higher levels.

​Programs offered include:

DEBATE & PUBLIC SPEAKING: A blend of learning Parliamentary Debate and Public Speaking skills, both persuasive and impromptu. Suitable for debaters of all levels. Offered weekly until July 31.

DEBATE MULTI - STYLE:  BRITISH PARLIAMENTARY: Learn British Parliamentary Debate, a popular 4 team style suitable for debaters of all levels. Offered weekly until July 24.

DEBATE MULTI - STYLE:  WORLD SCHOOLS: Learn World Schools Style Debate, a popular 3 v 3, [2 teams] style suitable for debaters of all levels. Offered weekly until July 31.

ONLINE DEBATE CAMP - AM SUMMER CAMPS: Debate and Public Speaking and Debate multi-style with all levels welcome: Open (beginner) Plus (some experience) and Level-Up (experienced). Pptional Model United Nations simulation training. 1:6 teaching ratio. Weekly until July 31. 1/2 day sessions.

ONLINE DEBATE CAMP - PM SUMMER & FALL CAMPS: Options include Parliamentary Debate. All levels welcome: Open (beginner) Plus (some experience) and Level-Up (experienced).  6 x 1.5 hour sessions. 1:4 teaching ratio. These camp will run until November 24.

Debate Camp welcomes all levels, from the reluctant speaker to the accomplished speaker. Multi-session and additional camper discounts are available.

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