Best Kids Activities: Winter Break

The thought of having the kids home for a few weeks over the Christmas break fills many parents with joy and dread. Keeping kids amused is definitely a full-time job and hours into the Winter break, houses across the city will be filled with kids moaning, "There's nothing to do!" Well, have no fear. We've compiled a list of some cool things to do with your kids during their Winter break so that you don't! 

• Make a time capsule to send off the year. Time capsules are a fun way to record the present and remember the past. Have your kids stash favourite moments, photos, and memorabilia from everything they did this past year.

• If there is snow, fill some spray bottles with water and add a little food coloring. Send the kids outside to decorate the snow.  

• Spend a couple of days playing tourist. Why not take an afternoon to see what our fair city has to offer. Check out the latest exhibits at the museum or science centre. Many attractions offer special seasonal activities and workshops for the kids. Or catch a family holiday show. Visit our events page to view what’s on during the holidays.

• Have your kids plan the New Years Eve party. Put them in charge of how your family will spend this night. Let them decide on food, snacks, drinks, games, movies, decorations, etc. Not only will this keep them busy, and give them something useful to do, but it will make them feel super important!

• Let them entertain you! Organize a talent show with dancing or singing favourite recordings (think American Idol). Shadow shows are fun with a light behind a sheet. Kids can create a script with homemade puppets (socks or painted fingers make wonderful puppets).

• Make some window art. Use washable finger paints and have the kids indulge in some window painting to create beautiful pictures on your windowpanes! Wash when done!

• Making a family tree is a great way to spend quality time with your kids, and the result will be enjoyed by everyone who comes to your house!

• Have your kids work on a seasonal scrapbook. Pics with Santa, Christmas shots, or seasonal outings are a must! Supply markers, crayons, paper, scissors, glue, tape, stickers, glitter, coloured pencils, ribbon, etc. Have them write about the most magical part of their holiday.

• Don't dismiss the video games entirely. Consider spending a day playing with your children (they can teach you their favourite game). Try some fun fitness games that will keep the family moving!

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