10 Fun Ways to Celebrate New Year's Eve

No babysitter for New Year’s Eve? No problem! Why not spend it with the people you love most?

Here are 10 fun ways (for the kids and you) to spend the last night of the year as a family, whether you want to go all out, or not go out at all.

Splurge a little…

1. Spend the night in a hotel. Go for a late-night swim, then come back to your room and relax with room service and your favourite New Year’s Eve countdown show.

2. Stay at a bed and breakfast. Look for one that has nearby Winter attractions (like ice skating or skiing) and that is kid-friendly.

Eating out…

3. Go to a Japanese restaurant where you take your shoes off. Finish off dinner with mochi or green tea ice cream for dessert.

4. Dine-out at a family-friendly restaurant.

Prefer to stay in?

5. Have a Fondue. Dip everything in cheese or chocolate... What’s not to love? The kids will really enjoy it.

6. Family Slumber Party. Pile up in one bed, or camp out in sleeping bags on the living room floor. Read ghost stories, tune into the New Year’s Eve shows, or introduce your kids to one of your favourite childhood movies. Have a contest to see who can stay up the longest (or fall asleep first!).

7. Celebrate New Year’s Early. Are your Kids too young to tell time but old enough to want to celebrate? Open a bottle of bubbly (cider or ginger-ale) and a tub of ice cream, buy some noisemakers and crazy hats. Do the countdown at the kids’ bedtime. Then put them to bed and pop open the real bubbly.

Local and fun revelry!

8. Watch fireworks at City Hall.

9. Host a Block Party. Invite nearby families to stop by on New Year’s Eve (at a family-friendly time if you don’t want to stay up until midnight!). Keep the kids busy with board games and hors d’oeuvres that you can pop in the oven while the grownups reminisce about the year gone by.

10. CLICK HERE for a list of Year’s Eve family-friendly events. There’s bound to be an event you will all enjoy, and you know it will be local and totally family-friendly!

Happy New Year!

This article was updated for 2018.
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