Lemur Plush Toy Recall

Specialty Toys Direct Inc. recalls Lemur Plush Toy

Product Name: Loki Lemur and Neon Loki Lemur Plush Toys

Description: This recall involves Loki Lemur and Neon Loki Lemur plush toys. Loki the Lemur plush toys are found in assorted colors: black, blue, turquoise, purple; Neon Loki the Lemur come in neon green, neon pink, violet, and blue. The plush toy can also be identified by their tags which states Specialty Toys Direct.

Approximately 22,416 units were sold in Canada. The recalled plush toy were sold from April 2014 to November 2014.

Hazard: The eyes and nose of the plush toys can become detached posing a choking hazard to young children. Specialty Toys Direct has not received any reports of incidents. Health Canada has received one report of the eye breaking off. No serious injury resulted.

Corrective Action: Consumers should immediately remove the recalled plush toys from children's reach and return to Specialty Toys Direct Inc. for a full refund. They can also discard the toy in such a way that it could be no longer used. For further information, consumers can contact Specialty Toys Direct at 1-800-665-5656 or by email.

Manufacturer: Pinnacle Toy Corporation, Beijing, CHINA

Distributor: Specialty Toys Direct Inc., Burnaby, British Columbia, CANADA

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