Flight of White at Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

From December 5th until January 31st, you can experience a Snowfall of Butterflies at Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory. This holiday exhibition features thousands of Rice Paper butterflies flying freely through the Conservatory. The Flight of White experience also displays lush white poinsettia flowers, and thousands of sparking white lights. Soft strains of classical music playing in the background will entertain visitors.

"Our Flight of White event transforms our Conservatory into a tropical winter wonderland. Visitors can stroll through the lush gardens while listening to calming classical music and surrounded by the relaxed flight of thousands of Rice Paper butterflies." - Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

With a wingspan of up to 14 cm, the Rice Paper Butterfly is a large white relative of the Monarch. It is impossible to miss as it floats through the air, moving gently from flower to flower. 

"These butterflies also go by the name of Paper Kite, which is descriptive of their delicate flight through the air. Rice Papers are also very attracted to bright colours - visitors can often enjoy a magical moment of a butterfly landing on them if they're wearing brightly coloured clothing." - Andalyne Tofflemire, Naturalist

The exhibit is a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of holiday activities.

Flight of White is included with admission to the Conservatory. More info information is available at: www.cambridgebutterfly.com/events/flight-of-white.

For more details, you can also call +1 (519) 653-1234 x100.

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