TIFF Winter Break Film Screening for Kids Contest

Chicken Run

Enter for a chance to win 1 of 3 family 4-packs to see these children's films playing at the TIFF Lightbox during the Holiday Break!

The Tale of the Fox
Sunday, December 20
An extremely rare screening of the crowning achievement of Russian expatriate animator Ladislas Starewitch, which was the first animated feature produced in France. Based on a medieval German folk tale made famous by Goethe — which Walt Disney had considered adapting himself, before deciding that the story was too amoral — The Tale of the Fox is set in a genuine animal kingdom, where trickster Reynard the Fox lives up (or down) to his species nature by regularly duping his fellow creatures, until his con games finally get him hauled before the King. Filled with remarkable set pieces — there's even an animal afterlife, complete with disembodied bunny-rabbit heads — The Tale of the Fox was made by Starevich and his daughter Irene over a period of eighteen months in 1929 – 1930, but was not released for another seven years due to problems recording a post-synchronized soundtrack for the film. The film's first theatrical release was in a German sound version supported by the Nazi government, which six years later gave the go-ahead to an anti-Semitic cartoon "sequel" to the film produced in the occupied Netherlands.

The Incredible Adventures of Wallace & Gromit
Monday, December 21
Grab some Wensleydale and settle in for the first three Wallace & Gromit short films from Britain's Aardman Studios! The Wrong Trousers: Wallace and Gromit’s new flatmate turns out to be notorious thief Feathers McGraw, who has plans to use one of Wallace’s inventions for a diamond heist. A Grand Day Out: Equipped with a homemade rocket and large appetites, Wallace and Gromit head for the moon in search of some cracking cheese. A Close Shave: A malevolent pooch attempts to frame Gromit for sheep rustling, but the clever canine receives a helping hand from new houseguest Shaun the Sheep.

Chicken Run
Tuesday, December 22
This delightful "prison break" epic was the first feature film from Britain's Aardman Studios, the home of Wallace & Gromit. At the Tweedy Chicken Farm in Yorkshire, most of the "inmates" spend their days doing clucking little to prevent their ultimate fate as filling for the evil Tweedys' new line of chicken pies. But when "flying rooster" Rocky (Mel Gibson) crash-lands in the yard, the resourceful hen Ginger (Julie Sawalha) sees a chance to stage a mass breakout, by having the cocky cockerel teach all of her grounded brethren to fly. Offering an enchanting alternative to the CGI-animated films being cranked out at the time, Chicken Run features exquisitely detailed character animation and remarkable production design (the Tweedys' pie-making machine is a Rube Goldberg nightmare). Tragically, many of the film's sets, models and props were destroyed when the warehouse housing Aaardman's materials was gutted by fire in 2005.

Contest closed. Winners:

Yee L. of Markham
Vanessa T. of Thornhill
Cui P. of Toronto

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