5 Ways to Track Santa

If your kids are asking about Santa's arrival this year, show them the following apps or websites so they can track his whereabouts and route from around the globe. From the classic NORAD to yet another way to maximize your new Alexa ... technology + the holiday season = MAGIC. 

Here are a few ways to find out how and when Santa lands on your roof!

1. NORAD Santa Tracker
NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) is the official Santa Tracker. By using high-tech systems, this site follows Santa's whereabouts as he delivers presents to children around the world. You can find out about Santa's whereabouts, every 5 minutes, starting on December 1st. Also available on the iTunes Store. More info

2. Google Santa Tracker
Follow santa's progress from all over the world and learn more about all the stops he makes along the way. You can also explore Santa's village with fun activities throughout the month of December. Each day uncovers a new game or mission. Don't forget to visit on the 24th when you can explore Santa's activities all night long. More info 

3. Alexa
Starting Christmas Eve, get live updates on Santa's journey from the North Pole with the help of KAYAK and Amazon Alexa. You can use KAYAK to ask various questions, such as: "Alexa, ask KAYAK to track Santa," "Alexa, ask KAYAK when Santa will be here,"or, "Alexa, ask KAYAK when Santa will be in Toronto?" (or another city of your choosing.) If you’ll be on the road during the holidays and won’t have your Alexa with you, be sure to download one of the many apps that let you use Alexa from your phone. More info

4. Santa Video Call and Tracker™
The Santa Video Call and Tracker app, available for iOS devices, claims to be the “only Santa Video Call app with varied and customizable conversation options.” When you purchase the full version, Santa will even call your child by name. He'll know your child's age, month of birth, where they live, interests, and recent life events (with your help of course!). Using the very latest in Elfish satellite technology, this app can pinpoint Santa's location anywhere on the planet to within an Elfish Micrometer. The app also allows you to run test flights with Santa's sleigh up to the big day. Then, when the big day arrives, it accurately traces Santa's journey across the globe! More info

5. Santa Update
Santa Update is for kids who just can’t wait until Christmas to find out about all things Santa. You can stay informed of Santa’s work ahead of time by reading the site’s daily blog which chronicles newsworthy happenings like recent improvements in wrapping technology, the Elf Parade, the local light decorating contest, and efforts to test fly Santa’s new sleigh. The site answers all questions about how the North Pole team is to preparing for Christmas! More info 

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