Can You Save the Holidays in 60 Minutes?

You only have 60 minutes to save the Holidays! Your car breaks down as you're driving home in a blizzard. All is not lost, however. You spot an inviting looking house with the lights on! When you approach the house something seems strange – it says "Shhh! Top Secret Elf Research Station!" on the door. Inside you discover that the 'Elf in Charge' has been given a very important task and he needs your help! Can you take on this challenge?

Try Looking Glass Adventure's latest family escape room: 60 Minutes to Save the Holidays. This new Holiday themed escape room was designed for the 2018 holiday season. The family-friendly room is packed with holiday cheer – and is only available for a limited time – until January 15.

Tickets are $25 per adult and $20 per child. Teams of 4-8 are recommended and adults do need to play with kids as the puzzle will require some help from the grownups.

Looking Glass Adventures, located in East York on the Danforth, has been voted the number #1 Escape Room Venue on Trip Advisor. This fun attraction offers a variety of games for all different skill levels. Puzzles are challenging enough for adult groups, and with some assistance, are easy enough and fun for kids. Looking Glass hosts all groups ... adults, families and birthday parties.

Besides the holiday game, there are two other fun and challenging escape games – Mystery at Maryweather Mansion and Operation Flamingo. The Escape Room will be changing the holiday game in the new year and updating it with a magic/wizard themed activity.

Find out more at and book your adventure today!

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