New Family-Friendly Experiences for Google Assistant

The new Google Assistant offers experiences for families, including Adventures with the Wiggles or Call Santa!

Google has just launched new, family-friendly experiences for Google Assistant and there's a lot to get excited about! Designed specifically for families, the new experiences will help parents and kids learn, play and imagine together.

Experiences include:

The Wiggles - Choose your own adventure with Emma
Follow Emma on a fun, Wiggly adventure as she travels through town to find friends to bring to her concert. Along the journey, kids can dance, play games and listen to fun songs with The Wiggles. Kids can dance, play games and listen to fun songs with The Wiggles. You can go on the Wiggly adventure simply by saying “Hey Google, talk to the Wiggles” on any Google Home, Google Home Mini or compatible smartphone. Available in English only.

CBC Kids News [Canadian]
Listen to the latest news stories relevant to Canadian kids by the CBC Kids News team. Just say "Ok Google, Play CBC Kids News" for daily local, national, and international stories that are relevant to Canadian kids. Just say "Hey Google, Play CBC Kids News," for daily local, national, and international stories that are relevant to Canadian kids. Available in English only.

Call Santa
Perfect for the holidays, Google Assistant can connect families to the North Pole, where Santa is busy rehearsing for a musical concert. Just say "Ok Google, call Santa," to get in touch with St. Nick. Available in English only.

Coming soon - Hatchimals Character Alarms [Canadian]
From Spin Master, families can ask the Assistant on their Google Home to set a Hatchimals alarm and bring a dose of EGGcitement to their daily routine! Just say "Hey Google, set a Hatchimals alarm."

Boukili Audio [Canadian]
Boukili Audio, from TFO, is an interactive activity that tests listening and comprehension of stories on animals, nutrition, music, travels and a ton of other captivating subjects, all in French. Just say “Ok Google, Parler avec Boukili Audio” to choose from over 120 interactive books, over 70 of which are exclusive to the Assistant. Available in French only.

Below are additional experiences for families—just start with “Hey Google.”

"Play Lucky Trivia for Families
Play Musical Chairs
Play Freeze Dance
Let’s play a game

Tell me a story
 “Help me with my homework
Tell me a fun fact
 “How do you say “Let’s have crêpes for breakfast” in French?”
What does a whale sound like?” (try other animals!)
What does a guitar sound like?” (try other instruments!)

Give me a random challenge” 
Sing a song for me” 
Give me a tongue twister” 
Tell me a joke

Perfect for the Holidays 
Tell me a Santa joke” 
What's your favourite Christmas cookie?” 
Tell me a holiday fact” 

Children under 13 just need to get their parent's permission to have their own personalized Google Assistant experience and account powered by Family Link (Not available in Quebec). Family Link helps parents manage their child’s Google Account while they explore. And with Voice Match, your family can train the Assistant to recognize up to six voices.

For more information on Google Assistant go to

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