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Genius Owl

Map57 Newkirk Road
Unit 2

Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3G4
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Genius Owl is the only provider of Minecraft Birthday Parties & Tech After School Programs that specifically encourages healthy digital habits in children. We offer educational services tailored to your needs. These include: After school programs in digital media (computer and mobile app programming, online journalism, and more) for students ages 6 to 13. We also offer Minecraft Birthday Parties and Seasonal Camps.

Birthday Parties

Genius Owl brings Minecraft to life as our most popular party theme. Our own "unplugged" screen-free and healthy Minecraft-themed games will make your child's birthday party unforgettable. Our parties are EPIC: Educational, Private, Inclusive and Convenient. Besides Minecraft we offer more than 15 other themed birthday parties: from Star Wars, to Toon Town; from CSI: to Arty Party and Karaoke and more! All these parties offer engaging, fun and educational games and activities at affordable prices. Snacks or pizza come with most packages, and we also offer our own exclusive Creeper Pizza!

Classes & Programs

Weekly programs and seasonal camps on robotics and coding is also our way of offering a healthy digital life to kids and peace of mind to parents. You can enroll your kids in DIGI-Fit After School Technology Classes and prepare them for another season of learning and education in technology, robotics, and digital media. Genius Owl is proud to offer families in Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan and throughout the York Region, another season of educational classes in robotics, Minecraft Mods, game design and more.

Seasonal Camps

Genius Owl offers seasonal camps and P.A. Day programs in coding and robotics. Our 5-day March break and summer camp programs include subjects such as: Minecraft Mods, Game Design, Robotics, MathMagic, Hacker Kids and Podcasting. During the program students learn a new topic everyday. Learning happens during hands-on workshops where each team collaborates to achieve their goal. Unplugged (screen-free) activities and games introduces children to fundamental ideas in each subject free of technology distractions. Students also work on their own mini-project in the afternoons, applying and expanding their knowledge gained during morning sessions. After their lunch hour, kids go on a community walk, and at the end of the do a short 30 minute educational Minecraft game to finish a day full of learning opportunities and fun!

Visit our website to find out more!

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