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Birthdays & Parties

Vango Toronto Fencing Center

Map980 Denison Street
Markham, ON L3R 3K5
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Vango Fencing is the world's largest international fencing institution. With first-class facilities and a renowned and highly-decorated team of coaches, Vango Fencing aims to cultivate athletes and promote the development and dissemination of fencing as a sport and a culture.

Our goal is to bring the elegant and powerful sport of fencing to as many people as possible. Our sport helps build strength, develop character and discover hidden potential. Fencing helps children and adolescents become strong, noble, healthy and wise adults.


Age Groups

Peewee (5-7 years)
These classes teach very young children coordination and the joys of moving through fencing in a fun, game-filled environment. These classes is on creating a friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere.

Kids (8-12 years)
These classes help kids develop and complete their physical literacy, and begin to instill in them the values of an active lifestyle through fencing. We also provide a first taste of competition.

Youth and Adult (13-105)
These classes help develop physical fitness, confidence and discipline through a mixture of fencing combat, technical training and rigorous physical conditioning accordingly to the students' fitness level.

Type of Classes

Technique Class
These classes teach the basic and later more advanced technical movements of fencing with corrections and guidance from coaches as well as practice with other students.

Fitness Class
These classes are aimed at developing basic strength and endurance, coordination and speed, flexibility and timing, as well as the fine motor control required for fencing-specific techniques.

Combat Class
Includes conditional and scored combat. Conditional combat trains students to use learnt techniques under specific conditions; scored combat aims gives students practice for scoring points during competitions. Both allow student to apply trained techniques and creative tactics.

Private Class
Private classes consist of one-on-one sessions with a coach. These mainly focus on the student’s execution of technical movements and fencing-specific strength, as well as increasing the student’s combat experience. It is an effective supplement to help students further their tactical and technical abilities. These are not included in the enrolment.

The Vango Way offers a tangible measure of progress and achievement for all its members.

Along with its three-part teaching system consisting of technical, physical and combat classes, Vango classes are organised by levels, ensuring that you always have a class tailored to your needs. Members who have previous fencing experience will be assessed upon arrival in order to determine their level. Progress is measured through exams for which members register. These exams occur three or four times yearly. With the exception, the levels apply for both Kids and Youth & Adult Classes.


Vango Toronto is pround to announce that it will be hosting summer camps of all levels throughout the whole summer!

We will be hosting three varieties of camps: Initiation to Fencing, Learn to Train, and High Performance.

For more information on our summer camp programs, please check out our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/vangofencingworldwide) or contact us at max@vangofencing.ca.

Initiation to Fencing Camps
These camps are for children between the ages of 8-12 who have no previous fencing experience. Participants will learn the basics of epee - footwork, hitting, parrying, rules and general tactics - and participate in fencing and non-fencing activities and games. The focus is on learning a new sport while having fun, and follows the FUNdamental Stage of the Canadian Sport for Life LTAD model. Each camp includes 3 days of training, as well as individual and team tournaments. Each participant will receive a Vango Fencing t-shirt and will be awarded with a certificate for having participated of Initiation to the Vango Way at the end of the week.

The Initiation to Fencing Camps run from 9 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday at the Vango Toronto Fencing Center location at 980 Denison Street in Markham.

Summer 2015 Dates: July 6-10, August 3-7, August 17-21

Learn to Train Fencing Camps
These camps are tailored for participants who have previous fencing experience and are looking to improve their abilities in a fun and hard-working environment. The camp is for ages 8-12, and will help participants hone their technical, physical and mental fencing skills with a focus on keeping it fun and safe. It follows the Learn to Train stage of the Canadian Sport for Life LTAD model.

High Peformance Fencing Camps
These camps are designed to help fencers reach the peak of athletic performance. These camps ae designed for kids above the age of 13 with fencing experience looking to compete nationally as well as internationally. The High Performance Camps focus on the Train to Compete and Train to Win streams of the Canadian Sport for Life LTAD model.

Summer 2015 dates: August 23-28

Major Holiday Camps
Vango Toronto is also hosting camps throughout the year during major holidays like Christmas/New Year and March break. For more information, contact us at max@vangofencing.ca.


Looking for something original, fun and active for someone's birthday? Vango Toronto is hosting birthday parties for members as well as non-members for all ages starting from 5 years old. Enjoy fencing introduction class with games and much more in our top of the art facility. All equipment is included. For more information, contact max@vangofencing.ca.

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Region: York

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Vango Toronto is hosting birthday parties for members as well as non-members for all ages starting from 5 years old. Enjoy fencing introduction class with games and much more in our top of the art facility. All equipment is included.

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