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Map1659 Bayview Avenue - Unit 200
Located in the Bayview Business Centre

Toronto, ON M4G 3C1
  • Gymnastics
  • March Break
  • P.A. Day Camps
  • Summer Day Camps
  • Winter Break


Play, Learn Gymnastics and Be Active!

GymKats is a facility that provides children with a fun, safe, and challenging environment with which to play, learn gymnastics and be active.

The GymKats Jungle is a bright-coloured jungle full of novel and challenging equipment. Children will learn gymnastics skills in an environment that facilitates the development of confidence, physical skills, and strong social connections with peers/other adults. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


GymKats Camps are a great way to spend a day or week off from school! GymKats Camps provide fun, safe, and challenging environments. All GymKats Camps focus on:

•Providing fun and engaging physical activities
•Learning and practicing gymnastics skills
•Interacting with other Kats, to develop new friendships and social skills
•Freely exploring circuits that are designed to engage the mind and body
•Creating crafts that promote creativity and fun

We offer:

Summer Camps
(4-7 Years Old)

March Break Camps
(4-7 Years Old)

PA Day Camps
(5-10 Years Old)

Please visit our website for all our seasonal camp schedules and rates.


Adult and Child Classes
Kats will develop coordination, explore motor and social skills while navigating fun, novel GymKats Jungle Circuits, with the aid of their parent or caregiver.

Play & Practice Classes
Kats will learn gymnastic elements, problem-solving and social skills through exploring fun, safe and challenging GymKats Jungle Circuits.

Playdate Paradise
Kats will navigate GymKats Jungle Circuits with their parents/caregivers, at their own pace. The structure of this drop-in class allows Kats the freedom to explore different movement patterns, engage in creative play and be active.

For schedules and rates, please visit our website.


Jungle Parties
(2-10 Years Old)

Kats can celebrate their special milestones with their jungle friends exploring the GymKats Jungle for an hour, followed by an hour of fun under the canopy (in the party room).

For party rates and package details, please visit our website.

Additional Information:

Region: Toronto Central

Quick Facts:

Good to Know

GymKats Camps are a great way to spend a day or week off from school! GymKats Camps provide fun, safe, and challenging environments.

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