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Canadian Contemporary School of Art

Map109 Vanderhoof Ave
Unit 6

Toronto, ON M4G 2H2
  • Animation & Cartooning
  • Arts
  • Film Acting & Making
  • Media
  • Photography
  • Puppetry
  • Sewing & Fashion


The Canadian Contemporary School of Art (CCSA) offers after school classes for children and teens, as well as a program for preschoolers during the day. Our courses are for children age 2 to 17, with classes specially designed for each age group. By nurturing the artist in every child, classes at CCSA help to plan the seeds of lifelong creativity.

We believe in creativity as an educational tool. With classes led by practicing artists, our program encourages a child’s natural ability to be curious when engaging with the world. This type of experiential learning creates opportunities for self-expression, calculated risk-taking, and open minded inquiry that can help children be more resourceful and confident when face with life’s challenges, big and small.


Focusing on the building the foundational drawing skills, students will learn basic techniques such as shading, controlling tones, composition, and drawing methods. They will learn how to draw using different instruments such as pencils, pen and ink, inked brushes, charcoal, markers, and on the computer. These classes are kept small to ensure individualized attention and instruction of skill-oriented method.

The CCSA takes a special approach to teaching painting to children by showing them how simple techniques can help them become accomplished artists. From learning about lines and colours to drawing shapes, students will learn that an image can be made perfect in many different ways. They will be introduced to concepts of lines and shapes, subject and meaning, composition, art history, and colour theory while developing the techniques to show all the possibilities of self-expression.

Our sculpture classes emphasize working with an unlimited choice of materials to create a three dimensional object. Students will learn how to expand their imagination by learning about cultural techniques and the role that form plays in the construction of objects. They will be introduced to the practice of carving, modelling, and assemblage while studying of examples of both traditional and modern sculptures.

Fashion Design
With the use of fabrics, buttons, and recycled materials, our fashion design course focuses on the basics of drawing and clothing construction. In this class, students learn how to design and construct a fashion item. They will focus on role line, silhouette, and detailing -- all the aspects that are involved in the creation of a fashion piece including clothing and accessories. Introduction to the history of fashion design and style and a discussion of current trends found in contemporary fashion will help students draw design inspiration.

Our cartooning course provides a hands-on experience that is highly applicable to writing, animation, and filming. With a focus on learning the process of the narrative form, students learn how to set up a scene and location, time, sequence, character/characterization, points of view, and narrative resolution. Through combining their skills in drawing, painting, and animation, students will learn the power of storytelling.

Perhaps more than any art form, filmmaking is a team effort. In this class, students will learn the value in collaboration in the filmmaking process. With the opportunity to both direct, write, and act in class productions, students will make their own five-minute film with the help of their peers and their instructor. Once finished, the class concludes with a small viewing party of their completed film work.

Led by an instructor, students will create a five-minute stop-motion animation using different materials such as collage, paper, and plasticine. This class will also teach students how to make a soundtrack for their animation, including music and recording dialogue. Through teamwork, this class is a detail-oriented and labour-intensive craft to create a fully developed story.

In this class students learn the different techniques for puppet making, including finder and hand puppets, and marionette puppetry. Guided by imagination and puppet making technique, students will design and create their own puppet and later build a story together that they will showcase for parents at the end of each session. This class is strongly recommended for kids who are interested in drama and theatre.

Architecture is everywhere, but no one teaches us how to understand the city and all its complexity. Our architecture classes will teach students about the role that space and volume play in architecture. Students will sketch and build models of caves, huts, and skyscrapers with the use of recycled materials. Students will learn how to observe and enjoy the environment around them, looking at building details, and understanding their connections with the people living in them.

With a digital camera provided, students will gain an understanding of composition, colour, and light. Weather permitting field trips in the neighbourhood will provide an opportunity for students to see their immediate surrounding in a new light, using their camera as a way to frame and compose their world. Studio based classes will focus on portrait, figure studies, and still life photography.

Canadian Contemporary School of Art also offers Seasonal Camps and Birthday Parties for Kids.

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The Canadian Contemporary School of Art (CCSA) takes an innovative approach to art instruction and provides a warm and welcoming learning environment for kids and teens.

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