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Map36 Scarsdale Road
La Citadelle Academy

Toronto, ON M3B 2R7
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EXPLORUM offers fun and educational extracurricular science programs in French. Children carry out experiments while strengthening their French language skills.

Energetic and knowledgeable presenters lead interactive and stimulating hands-on science experiments; children are exposed to French, learn about everyday science concepts and realise that science is all around us, even where we don't expect it.

Why Register for EXPLORUM programs and workshops?

Win-win One-of-a-Kind program
Children cultivate their interest in science while improving their French language skills

Clear & Fun
The presenters, who are fluent in French, love science and are great with kids! They explain science concepts in French, in a clear and entertaining way using appropriate scientific terms adapted to the age and the academic level of the children. They will also complement the complement the workshop with a few English words when needed.

Exploration & Questioning
The experiments are varied and are adjusted to the science and French levels of the children. Each young “scientist” has his/her own workstation where he/she experiments under the direction of an EXPLORUM supervisor.

Students learn without realising it, by exploring and questioning.

STEAM Approach
Using a STEAM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) approach, EXPLORUM’s programs offer a fun and interactive supplement to the Ontario Science and Technology Curriculum.

Scientastic Saturdays
Fun and dynamic science experiments in French (and a bit of English) for your children.

90-minute workshops offered in 6-week sessions in the science lab of La Citadelle Academy (North York) where students have their own workspace and they can carry out their own experiments.

6- to 8-year-olds could make a liquid rainbow, concoct gooey slime, or build planets among others.

9- to 12-year olds could explore the principle of the catapult, make belief they are astronauts or build their own car and much more.

To view a list of programs and examples of workshops, please visit our website!

Additional Information:

Region: Toronto North

Quick Facts:

Good to Know

EXPLORUM strengthens the French language in a scientific context and helps students develop an interest in Science in a fun way.

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