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Bowmanville Zoo

Map340 King Street East
Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K5
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The Bowmanville Zoo is Canada's Oldest Private Zoo, established in 1919.

We are the original children's zoo and home to many famous Hollywood Celebrity Animal Actors. Come talk with the animals! Bowmanville Zoo has over 300 creatures including many famous animal celebrities. Visit them amidst 42 scenic acres of untamed, natural parkland.

Bowmanville Zoo is Canada's oldest privately owned zoo. We're almost 100 years old.

Zoo Attractions
Experience one-on-one Animal Encounters, take an Animal Ride, be amazed by the Animatheatre Show and witness the feeding of the Famous Carnivores. Browse through the Zoo Cafe and Gift Shop full of unique zoological paraphernalia.Experience it all, the Bowmanville Zoo Adventure awaits!

Splash Bash
Go wet, get wild. The Animal's Splash Bash is a perfect chance to get wet, cool down and relax. Perfect for all ages. Kids sliding and splashing, parents relaxing and resting for the next Bowmanville Zoo adventure. On those really hot days nothing beats family time in The Animal's Splash Bash. Water excitement at its best, fun and fast enough for the kids, safe and satisfying for the adults, a perfect cooling moment for a hot day at the Bowmanville Zoo.

Animal Rides
Experiencing an elephant trek or a camel caravan, reminds us all that humans reliance on the internal combustion engine is only a recent historical phenomena. As you traverse high above the ground it harkens back to an age of Maharajas aboard their favourite elephant or the desert tribes of the Arabian Nights as they follow their nomadic existence. Experience what it is to be at one with an animal. Feel the muscles roll beneath you and the magnificent beauty of your beast of burden as you experience the ride of a lifetime.

Expedition Predator
Up close and personal, this has always been what Bowmanville Zoo has been about. With Expedition Predator a new and hither to unrealized animal adventure has come to life. Embarking on your tram starts your discovery journey of some of the world's great predators. The cast is ever changing. Lions of Africa, tigers of Asia, jaguar of South America and wolves of the Canadian high arctic, these are the hunters which you will meet. Accompanied by a compelling narrative, Expedition Predator will transport you to a predator interface which is compelling in its truth and stunning in its beauty. Poets have waxed compelling through the centuries of the attributes of the apex predators. Learn firsthand of the beauty of their writings and the savage honesty of the world's great predators when you board Expedition Predator.

The hawkers of another age called them "Rides of Amusement". They captivated the soul and allowed one to enjoy the heady euphoria of being alive in a whirl wind. Unfortunately under the onslaught of virtual reality, X Boxes and cyber gaming the "Rides of Amusement" have lost their way. They no longer entrance the youth or spell bind the jaded and forlorn. Yet their charm remains. Hop aboard with the kids and hearken back to a summers day when you were young, the skies blue and you dreamed you could fly.

The Wild Woods
Towering trees speak to a wilderness passing. The Wild Woods of Bowmanville Zoo, comprised largely of Black Waln ut trees, recalls the forest stands of our past. In the development of the Wild Wood no tree was lost. This is evident as you walk along the raised "Cat Walk" and wind your way through the tree trunks as they poke through the walkway. Within this grove reside the various predator species living at Bowmanville Zoo. From the big cats through wild canines the wild wood provides a large natural landscape for the predators to live, learn and play. One of a kind enrichment opportunities exist where by the guests of Bowmanville Zoo can watch the predators in action as they chase lures and indulge in predatory play. Watch the thunderous charge of the carnivores as they chase down their simulated prey, red in tooth and claw.

The Animatheatre of Bowmanville Zoo is one of two animal specific indoor theatre venues in the world. Every component of its design has been maximized to ensure the most complete and compelling of animal experiences for the audience. With the changing mediums available to live production we are researching novel and unique pathways to integrate emerging theatrical affects with our animal performers.

Zoo Cafe
A delightful market ambience serving light meals, snacks and drinks. The adjoining Art Gallery is a pleasant place to eat or enjoy the Out-Door Patio with the Macaws and Gibbons as your background music.

For more information, visit our website.

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Region: Durham

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