Escape Room: The Game

By now, you have probably experienced an escape room or heard from a friend about how much fun escape rooms are. Escape Rooms test speed, problem solving, agility and overall logic. Sadly, our current climate isn't allowing us to visit Escape Rooms, but now, with the Escape Room Family Edition board game, you can bring that same excitement to your home.

The Escape Room set comes with its own challenges as players have to race against the clock to escape the room of their fears before being trapped forever. Sound stressful? In this game, you win together or lose together. Each player must excel and do their part. Teamwork is the magic word in solving all the riddles and puzzles in time.

From images, gears, words, keys, shapes and maps, try to beat the clock before being shut out from the outside world. Once you think you’ve solved the puzzle, slide the keys into the Decoder and find out if you were right - but beware: if you’re wrong, you lose even more time.

The new Family Edition with Jungle Games is recommended for ages 10 and up. There are also other games available for grown-ups, and with themes like The Dentist, Nuclear Countdown, Murder Mystery, Another Dimension, and Welcome to Funland, there is something for everyone.

So, next time you want to host a great family game night, consider Escape Room The Game: Family Edition as a riveting way to test your skills, and maybe figure out which of your family members would survive the jungle.

It's the perfect fun adventure for families, until we're allowed to visit Escape Rooms once again.

Various editions available including a Family Edition. MRSP $30-$40. Games available at Walmart and

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