Explain Physical Distancing To Your Toddler With This Cute Video

Explaining the coronavirus to older kids can be pretty straightforward. We're able to answer their questions at their level, acknowledge their concerns, and discuss what can be done to stay safe and healthy. But for the wee ones, this may be a more difficult concept to comprehend, especially when they are home from daycare or preschool, and missing their playdates with other tots.

In comes author Kim St. Lawrence, who has created the next best thing — a video version of a children's book about physical distancing called Time to Come In, Bear, and she has shared it on YouTube for families to access for free.

Her sweet explanation is what little kids need right now. Narrated by a cute bunny, the story starts off, “Time to come in, Bear. The world caught a cold. You won’t get its germs if you just stay at home.”

It goes on to explain all the fun things they can still do inside and that playdates aren’t over forever, with calming rhymes. “While we stay inside, Bear, the heroes still fight,” the story concludes. “To clean up the germs and make the world alright.”

And although the 90-second video can't possibly answer every question a toddler would ask, it's a good starting point for parents.

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