Families Can Grow Food Right at Home with These Garden to Grow Kits

Veggie Kit

A local Newmarket company, Wolfpack Packaging Inc. has launched garden starting kits—and they'll deliver them right to your doorstep. Aptly named “Garden to Grow”, these kits come in two varieties: Vegetable and Herbs (you can also order a combo pack.) The kits include everything needed to start your seeds indoors with sustainable, re-plantable pots, seeds, soil, and comes complete with planting instructions. When weather permits, the seedlings can be replanted easily (pots and all) outdoors in larger containers or gardens. This makes for a fun learning project for the kiddos as parents seek engaging activities to keep boredom at bay.

The kits are made, printed, packed and fulfilled in Ontario. The pots are made with 100% recycled materials and are completely biodegradable. A highly sustainable alternative to other plastic options, they have the added benefit of promoting healthier growth for the seedlings by avoiding transplant shock and root breakage upon transfer outside.

Sustainability has always been a focus of ours at Wolfpack Packaging” says Erin Wynn, director of Marketing “this kit is 99% recyclable as the carton, seed packets, pots and soil are all blue and green bin friendly upon discard.”

The initiative is in response to a growing consumer demand for personal food rearing and self sufficiency. The concept of growing fresh food right at home is gaining popularity, especially during these challenging times.

We’re hoping it will satisfy a need within our community but also give families a fun initiative to do in the safety of their home” says Wynn.

Growing Plants = Learning + Fun

With supervision, let your kids take charge of growing these kits at home, to help them acquire new skills, while having fun. They'll develop self-confidence by tending to their little plants and by growing their own food. Later, when you transfer the plants to your garden, kids will enjoy being outdoors and digging in the soil, getting dirty, and watching their plants grow. The biggest sense of accomplishment will come from harvesting their garden—and this may just encourage them to eat more veggies!

The activity also helps with learning at home, since growing a plant is part of Ontario's Science & Technology curriculum. In Grade 1, students learn about Sustainability and Stewardship; and How Living Things Grow. In Grades 2 and 3, they study the Growth and Changes in Plants.

How To Order

Each kit includes everything you need to start growing your veggies and herbs at home. Kits can be purchased online at www.wolfpack.ca. They sell for $26.95 and for a limited time, the company is offering Free shipping to Ontario addresses, by using code 2GROW. You can also contact the company via orders@wolfpack.ca.

Wolfpack Packaging is located in Newmarket, Ontario and employs 20+ full time employees.

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