Fun with Foam Dough

If you looking to make a colourful, fun sensory play material, make some foam dough. It's a super fun craft made from 3 simple ingredients: shaving foam, corn starch, and food colouring.

What you Need:
Shaving Cream
Corn Starch
Food Colouring (we used neon colours)

How to Make:
Mix a one to one ratio of part shaving cream and part corn stach. We started out with 1/4 cup of each (shaving cream + corn starch) and added 10 drops of colour. You may have to add more corn starch to make the dough smoother if it is slightly sticky, and you can adjust the colour as you wish. If you want a wetter dough, add more shaving cream.

The texture will feel soft, light-weight, and cool to the touch. This dough is so easy to manipulate and can be rolled out effortlessly. Use small cooking cutters to cut shapes (smaller ones are better as the dough is very delicate). Or form 3D objects and figures. The dough will not harden, but your art creations will eventually fall apart.

We have to warn you that this craft is very messy but it is also so much FUN! It is very easy to clean. For the most part, it won't leave much colour on hands and washes very easily with water and soap.

Note: This craft is not safe for toddlers to ingest so supervision is required. The scented smell of the shaving cream should be a deterrant to put the dough in their mouths!

1. The dough will last for 2 weeks if wrapped in plastic.
2. We let our dough dry completely overnight and the next day, it crumbled into a sand-like texture, which is perfect for sand art!

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