Snow Much Fun!

During a long cold Winter, kids will get antsy, even irritable, if they can’t find things to do. Here's the ultimate list of ‘must-do’ Winter fun to warm up to the season's chill.

Snow Painting

Snow provides a blank slate for painting. Snow painting is great Winter activity for kids. Simply mix water and some food colouring and put your colours in spray bottles. Spray it on snow to make colourful designs.

Snow Sculptures

To create a snow sculpture, all you need is a pile of well-packed snow, an idea, and a few simple tools. Try making small animals such as a turtle or a rabbit. If you’re very ambitious, try sculpting an ice castle! You can add colour to your snow sculpture by dissolving food coloring in water and painting it on the sculpture or mixing it with the snow.

Create Winter Crystal Balls

Get some bubble solution and bubble blowers, or shape some wire into a circle. On a cold day with light wind, form a bubble, but don’t let it escape. Watch as the bubble freezes. You will see the formation of ice crystals. If you leave it long enough, the bubble will form a crystal ball.

Build a Snowman

Dress your snowman in one of your old Halloween costumes or used clothing. Use drops of food colouring to make colourful streaks through the snowman.
 Have contests to see who can make their snowman look most like your favourite character, a friend, you, or Mom or Dad!

Winter Scavenger Hunt

Organize a Winter scavenger hunt! Look out for these items this Winter as you hike, ski, and play outdoors. Young and old will love the thrill of discovery in the great outdoors. A Winter scavenger hunt can include: animal tracks in the snow, pine cones, twigs, icicles, a tunnel made in the snow by animals, a frozen waterfall, cocoons, nests, or identifying various pine trees.

Kids are not usually fazed by the cold – but make sure you and your children are properly dressed to avoid frostbite. Wear layers, waterproof boots, toques, and gloves.

So why stay cooped up this Winter when there is so much to do to enjoy our snow! Get out, bundle up, and have fun!

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