Boredom Busters: 50 Ideas for March Break

It's March Break and you can almost hear the collective cries of joy from children, and the sighs from the adults who know they’re going to have stir crazy kids to deal with. Somehow the initial excitement always seems to wear off way too early in the break. If you've run out of activities, scan through this list of 50 fun things to do.

Before your brood drives you batty...

1. Play balloon tennis
2. Try some science experiments
3. Make hot chocolate
4. Set up a game of indoor bowling
5. Bake a cake in a mug
6. Make homemade pizza
7. Make shaving cream art
8. Read a few great books together
9. Make ice-sculptures
10. Have a snowball fight 
11. Paint with salt
12. Make your own play dough
13. Visit an attraction you've never seen before
14. Put on a play 
15. Have an indoor picnic
16. Paint with bubbles
17. Make marshmallow snowmen
18. Set up a photo booth
19. Go snowtubing
20. Draw on the windows with dry-erase markers
21. Go to an indoor playground
22. Set up a video game challenge
23. Paint a 3D scene with homemade puff paint
24. Make maple syrup candy by pouring boiled maple syrup onto snow 
25. Put on a show with finger puppets
26. Host a living room campout
27. Freeze bubbles
28. Bake and decorate sugar cookies
29. Host a family game night
30. Go to an indoor pool
31. Get moving with some indoor games
32. Go to an indoor Trampoline Park
33. Melt crayons into fun shapes
34. Play card games
35. Build an indoor fort
36. Make plant markers for your spring garden
37. Host a sleepover
38. Make homemade bookmarks
39. Make spring crafts
40. Go geocaching
41. Host a Karaoke night
42. Make origami animals
43. Go to a maple syrup festival
44. Craft friendship bracelets 
45. Play at your local park
46. Make homemade stickers
47. Have a movie marathon
48. Paint a wall mural in your basement
49. Organize a treasure hunt
50. Get a jump-start on Easter cards and crafts

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